Nobody goes into a marriage expecting to come out of it divorced, but the reality is that it can (and does) happen every single day. While it can seem difficult to prepare yourself to file for divorce when your marriage starts heading south, it’s important to make sure that you are as successful as possible in your divorce. While there are no guarantees about who will “win” in a divorce, being prepared can help you make better decisions. 

Keep Records 

While keeping score in a marriage may seem like holding a grudge, in an unhealthy one, it’s imperative. If your marriage is healthy and you are not headed toward divorce, it can seem a bit…toxic to keep records of things that happen. The opposite is true if you suspect divorce is imminent. Whenever anything happens in your marriage or with your spouse, keep record of it. This can be for things as simple as lying about a financial matter up to something as big as finding evidence of an affair. Even though many states are now no-fault divorce states, having evidence of malice from the other party may be able to help you. 

Get Your Finances in Order 

Know your money. Then, know what your money is going to look like after the divorce. If you currently share bank accounts and financial obligations with your spouse, consider how this will impact you after the divorce. Start making plans now so that you can separate your finances after the divorce. Doing this early on can help make it easier once the divorce is finalized. 

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions 

A rash decision – like financing a new car with your soon-to-be-ex – can be disastrous when you’re heading for divorce. It may seem like a perfectly acceptable thing to do – you have to divide the assets anyway, right? – but it can be even more difficult. This is especially true if you are making big purchases. Wait until after the divorce to splurge on a new car, a new house or any other big purchases. 

Gather Documentation

You’re probably going to need some information for your divorce. Things like car titles, house deeds, marriage certificates, and even birth certificates for any shared children may come up during the divorce. Make sure that you have access to each of these items. While the original is great, it might not always be possible especially if there’s only one. Make copies of each of the important documents you need. 

Protect Yourself 

Don’t do anything that could hurt you during the divorce. Whether it’s lashing out at your spouse, excessively drinking, or making poor life choices, these can all affect the outcome of your divorce. This may feel like a good time to throw it all away, but it’s not. 

Find the Ideal Attorney

The right attorney can mean the difference in a difficult divorce case and one that is fairly simple. This is one of the easiest ways to prepare for divorce. Make sure that you find an attorney who can help you with your specific situation and can provide you with the representation you need for your case. Doing this will ensure that you have an attorney who can provide you with what’s needed. Each divorce is different and various attorneys will be able to help with various options. 

Be Careful What You Say (and Do) 

There are so many things that can incriminate you during a divorce. Whether it’s making actual threats or just saying something that can paint you in a bad light, be careful of your every move during the divorce process. From telling your spouse about the divorce to discussions about assets and everything in between, make sure that you are cautious of what you say. 

Have a Plan in Place 

Making a plan for your divorce is necessary if you want to have the best chances at success. While you really can’t account for everything that could happen, this is one of the easiest ways to prepare yourself to file for divorce. Know why you want the divorce, what you want out of it, and what you’re going to do to get there.

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