During the marriage, having mutual friends is one of the things that many people enjoy. You’ve got built-in friends at every event, you have people to do fun things with on the weekends, and you don’t have to worry about splitting up during the weekend just because you have different plans with different friend groups. But, trying to maintain these relationships or even find new friends after divorce can be complicated and often ends in frustration. Instead of relying on your old friends, you may want to branch out and make some new ones. But, that’s easier said than done. If you’re finding yourself struggling to make some new buddies after your divorce, here are some simple tips! 

Start (or Continue) a Hobby 

Not only are hobbies a great way to make friends, but they’re also an excellent option when you need something to occupy your time after a divorce. Whether you find yourself with more time because you don’t have as many obligations as you did when you were married or you’re just finding yourself in need of a distraction, hobbies can do the trick. While everyone you meet while you’re doing your hobby is going to be different and have different personalities, you’ll know that you have at least one thing in common: the hobby that you both enjoy! 

Whether you want to get back into an old hobby or just start something new that you’ve always wanted to try, hobbies are a great choice for after a divorce when you want to make new friends! 

Take Advantage of Those Kids

As you’re going through a divorce, you’ll find that your relationship with your children takes on new images and is something that’s constantly evolving. This is also true when it comes to finding friends. Use your kids and any activities that they’re interested in to find new friends! Chat up the other moms at karate practice, spend some time getting to know the dads on the t-ball team, or just sign up for a group parent and kid activitiy for a chance to connect with people who have kids similar in age to yours. Take advantage of the built-in friendships that you can make through your kids! 

Reconnect With Past Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old? No, make old friends! Your friends are your friends for a reason and it’s a great idea to reconnect with friends from before you were married. Whether you simply stopped hanging out because you had your marriage to focus on or you just drifted away from each other, reconnecting with your old friends can help you re-establish relationships and build even stronger friendships than before.

Get Into Shape 

Who doesn’t love a good glow up after a divorce? What makes it even better is when you can make friends while you’re getting in shape. Finding friends at the gym is a great way to find friends who have similar goals to you and who can help encourage you if you’re on a fitness journey after your divorce. Depending on your goals, find friends who love lifting or who live for cardio. Just connecting with other people who have similar goals can be an uplifting experience. Bonus: you’ll always have someone there to encourage you to hit the gym on the days you’re too tired to make it out. 

Try to Network 

Okay, here us out on this one. Work usually isn’t the place to meet friends, but it is good to have friends who are part of the same industry as you! This is where networking comes into play. Get out there and make friends with people who are in your industry. Not only is a great source for new friends when you’re going through a divorce but it’s also a great way to make connections with people who understand what work is like for you! 

Find Friends with Like Financial Habits

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when you’re looking for new friends is making sure that you can find people who have similar financial habits to yours. This is important especially if you have goals for your finances after divorce. The right friends after divorce can be the difference in having fulfilling relationships and ones where you feel like you’re lacking especially if you’re practicing stricter financial habits.

Your finances are a crucial part of any divorce process. When you’re going through a divorce and even after, it’s a good idea to work with a divorce financial planner. At Wiser Divorce Solutions, our certified divorce financial advisor can help you create a financial plan. Contact us to learn more!

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