When you’re going through a divorce, it’s easy to get caught up in your emotions and focus only on your own problems surrounding the divorce. But, there’s someone else you should be looking out for. If you have children, divorce can be incredibly difficult on them. Making sure that you’re focusing on their well-being is so much more than just trying to keep them calm during different situations. It’s also important to take time and have fun with them despite the divorce. Lighten things up and try one of these fun things to do with kids after divorce. 

Set a Schedule 

Yeah, you’ll have a schedule for things like custody time, but setting a new schedule for fun things is a great way to lighten it up after a divorce. Do something on the same day every week or plan a fun monthly outing with your kid. Even something as simple as a movie night or a Taco Tuesday can give the kids an extra boost to their routine and will have them looking forward to a fun time with you. By setting this schedule, they’ll have something to look forward to regularly. 

Do Something New 

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do with your kid? Skiing at your local resort? Taking an adventure hike? Visiting a tourist destination in your town? No matter what it is, you should do something new and fun with your kid. Doing this is a great way to bond and to get you out of any rut that a custody schedule might put you in. Even if you’re strapped for cash, find something that’s fun and new for both of you to enjoy yourselves.

Try an Activity You Both Love 

Are you both obsessed with chess? Have a passion for archeology? Enjoy learning about history? It’s your kid, there’s bound to be something you both love to do. And, even if it’s just something that you’re both casually interested in, you can do it together! Find activities that you both want to do and make sure that you set aside special time for them. It doesn’t have to even be anything big – reading a history book together or doing a cute new puzzle will be special for your kid. 

Consider Involving the Other Parent

You don’t want to give up all of your alone time to do shared activities with your ex, we totally understand. But, getting the other parent involved in something is a great way to show your child that you both love them and love doing things with them. Try starting a new podcast that you all listen to independently or even hitting up a local baseball game. You don’t have to make it a regular thing, but having fun with your ex is possible when you make sure that your kid is front of mind. (And, don’t worry, your kid will be psyched to see you two getting along). 

Stay Normal – Even From Far Away

Long-distance parents struggle to maintain normalcy after a divorce and that’s understandable. But, you can still try to maintain some normalcy when you’re spending time with your kid. Even if you only see them on holidays and during summer, make sure that you keep things normal. And, as hard as it is, work with the other parent to get an idea of what their schedule is normally like – and try to stick to it! 

Make New Traditions 

New traditions are a way to give your kid something to expect when they’re with you while also setting them up for more options in the future. It might be hard to make new traditions, but even incorporating old traditions is a great way to help make the divorce process easier for your kids!

The time period after a divorce is a huge transition for everyone from ex-spouses to the kids involved in the divorce and even extended family members. By focusing on fun things and keeping some sense of normalcy with kids, you can create a safe space for them even if they feel lost after divorce. Try one of these fun things to do with kids after divorce to help them through it. And, if you’re still going through a divorce, remember that the financial aspects are a crucial part of managing your divorce successfully. Work with a financial analyst to guide you through divorce finances. Contact Wiser Divorce Solutions today.

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