When you’re finding a family law attorney, the first thing that you might consider is the cost. But, that shouldn’t be your own consideration. As divorce financial advisors, we see many people whose only concern during divorce is the cost, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, choosing an attorney based solely on cost can make your case that much harder. 

Personality Considerations 

You’re probably going to be working with any attorney that you hire a lot, so if your personalities don’t match up, it can be really difficult to make all of those appointments work. You must make sure that you not only have compatible personalities but also that you get along well and that you trust them during your case. Sometimes, your attorney may be able to get access to information that you’re not able to have or they may be speaking on your behalf without you present – this is definitely someone you’re going to want to trust. 

Availability of Attorney 

Like most people, many attorneys are overworked. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose someone who simply doesn’t have time for you, though. Even if you find a really good attorney who is highly recommended and has proven results, it might not be worth it if that attorney isn’t available for you. In family law, many things can come up that would require you to contact your attorney on short notice. Make sure that you choose an attorney who has the availability to take on your divorce case no matter what that case is like.

Past Results … Sort Of 

It can be hard to choose an attorney based on reputation alone, but an attorney’s reputation and reviews from past clients can be an indicator of the results you’ll get. While there are no guarantees in any court case – especially family court – having an attorney that has gotten results and puts in the work required to get those results can make a big difference when it comes to your case. 

Any Specializations When Finding a Family Law Attorney

Depending on your specific divorce case, you may want to choose an attorney who has experience in specific areas of family law. Whether your case is a high-profile one, you have many children, or you have any sort of unique situation may dictate your need for an attorney who can handle the specific situation. There are many aspects that go into choosing an attorney for a “typical” divorce case, but you must also take additional considerations into account when it comes to unique situations.

Yes, the Cost 

While the cost shouldn’t be the only consideration, it should be something that you take into consideration. When you’re planning the financial aspects of your divorce, you should be sure that you have set aside the right amount of money for the type of attorney that you want to work with. This can mean different things for people in various divorce situations. Make sure that you consider the cost of the attorney before you start the process so that you can know what to expect. It’s also a wise idea to find out the different billing structures and what that could look like in your specific case. 

Additionally, having a plan in place for paying for your divorce may make it easier for you to afford an attorney and may make finding a family law attorney easier. Not only should you set aside money for the cost of the attorney, but there should also be some contingency money set aside in case your divorce gets messier than you were expecting and you need to pay more in legal fees. Having a divorce financial advisor available can help you make the best financial decisions regarding paying for attorneys, managing your money during divorce, and finances after your divorce. Contact Wiser Divorce Solutions today for your consultation.

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