Divorce is usually difficult on its own, but litigation can make things much more complicated. One of the ways that you can reduce conflict for a more successful divorce. Here’s how divorce mediation can reduce conflict! 

A Controlled Environment

When you use divorce mediation, you will do so in a controlled environment. Mediation often only involves attorneys and clients. In some instances, a third-party mediator is there to suggest different compromises and assist the parties with coming to an agreement. In this controlled environment, the parties may both be more at ease. While some conflict is to be expected, the controlled environment reduces the chances of it. 

Going through litigation is not only incredibly stressful but it can also be unpredictable. You may not know what to expect in the courtroom, there are many variables involved, and you will always be required to be in the courtroom based on someone else’s schedule. 

Professional Advice 

If your divorce goes through litigation, you will have the opportunity to bring professionals into the case, but they are not the ones who make the final decision. Often, this decision is up to a single person: the judge. When you use divorce mediation, you will be able to not only use professional advice but actually allow it to influence the outcome of the divorce. Professionals may also be more likely to provide advice to a divorcing couple who are doing so through mediation. 

Shorter Amount of Time 

Divorce mediation can reduce conflict which means that you will spend less time going back and forth with the other party’s attorney. Using mediation instead of litigation can reduce the total amount of time you spend getting to the end of the divorce. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to move on quickly, if there are children involved, or if you just don’t have the time to spend in months of litigation.

Often Less Costly 

The amount of time you spend going through your divorce goes hand-in-hand with the cost! This leads to lower hours used by your attorney and less money spent! During a divorce, you can expect to spend money- sometimes more than the wedding- but divorce mediation can reduce costs! 

Attorneys may be less likely to charge large retainers and will likely use fewer hours because mediation does not require as much work and research as a traditional divorce! Understand going into it that your attorney’s time is still valuable and you will still be billed for the hours that are used in the divorce mediation.

More Favorable Results for Both Parties

When you go into a divorce, you should expect to compromise in some ears. Divorce mediation can reduce conflict, but it will not completely eliminate it. When you choose to use divorce mediation, you will likely get more favorable results than if you were allowing a judge to choose the outcome of your case. You’ll have the opportunity to negotiate with the other party to both get certain results that you want. Understanding that you’re going to have to compromise will make it easier for you to negotiate and get favorable results! 

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Lower Risks

Divorce does come with some risks, but divorce mediation can reduce the risk. When you put your divorce in the hands of a judge through litigation, you are risking a lot. There are no guarantees on the outcome if you go through the court system and you may end up losing more than you want! Divorce mediation can reduce conflict and remove many of the risks that are associated with a judge choosing your fate! 

Sometimes Less Stressful

Reducing stress is essential when you’re going through a divorce. You can expect to have some stress, but since divorce mediation can reduce conflict, it is often less stressful than a traditional divorce. With the right help for your mediation case, the process will go much smoother! This technique is especially helpful if you are both relatively in agreement about your divorce, but it can still be used even if there is a lot of expected conflict.

If divorce seems imminent, it’s important to weigh your options. While you may be concerned about the difficulties of going through a traditional divorce, consider everything that you can do instead. Divorce mediation is an excellent option for any couple that wants to reduce conflict. Learn more about mediation, begin discussing the option with the other party, and make sure you secure a professional who is able to help you with divorce mediation!

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